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Bulk Earthworks

We provide our clients with the full scope of services that are required to suitably prepare construction sites. This includes bulk earthworks and basement excavations, supply of fill materials and selected layer works materials, cut to fill operations, drill blasting and crushing for rock excavations. We have a strict company policy that enforces consistent monitoring, work measure and our pricing – to see where we can improve.

With an impeccable record of providing clients with a full scope of services that prepares various construction sites, MW Civil Earthworks is passionate about ensuring a full spectrum of services to suit your ideal needs. Included in these comprehensive services is Bulk Earthworks.

Bulk Earthworks incorporates various subcategories such as site cleaning, cut to fill for terracing, deep basement excavations as well as spoiling of material off site.

The process of Bulk Earthworks is essentially synonymous with the removal, moving or adding of large quantities of soil or rock from a particular area to another. This is done in order to make an area more suitable for height and level requirements for different construction purposes. This is done by cutting into or excavating an area of ground.

Bulk earthworks require an intricate process of techniques and calculations when carrying out excavations. This includes the volume of earthwork that is between sections which is obtained by taking the average of the end areas of each station. MW Civil Earthworks is at the forefront of advanced techniques and processes to ensure that the Bulk Earthworks is as seamless as possible.

Bulk Earthworks

We are a trusted provider of bulk earthworks, demolitions, related civil engineering and construction services which includes:

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